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The Hand Up Loan program is designed to help working poor in Highland work toward a better and independent financial future with financial education, loans, free tax preparation, entrepreneurial development, and one-on-one credit counseling. It developed after an awareness of the destructive impact on local residents from the twelve payday loan businesses within a one-mile walk of the Highland Center. An initial investment from Church for the Highlands of $10,000 was used in partnership with Pelican State Credit Union’s Financial Resource Center at the Highland Center. The program provides (50%) backing on loans with Pelican State Credit Union to people who meet the criteria (willingness for one-on-one credit counseling each month, church sponsorship, business or life plan) and whom the Highland Center Financial Services Committee approves. Pelican gives these loan applicants fast approvals and a flat rate of 9.99% APR, a rate far below what they would qualify for anywhere else. HCM has agreed to financially back these high-risk loans. HCM has set up an account that is used as collateral. 50% of the loan amount is placed on hold until the individual pays off the loan. Then, the money is released back into the account and can be used to back the loan of another deserving person.  

Free Tax Preparation

First Time Homebuyers Program

Free Credit Counseling

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For more information, call the Highland Center Office at 673-8440.